Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Snack of the Month Club

The Gift that Keeps on Giving!!!

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Want Healthy Snacks all year?

You can join as a Preferred Customer and get your choice of snacks automatically sent to you or someone else each and every month!!

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Fruit Stix in 4 flavors:

Berry Blend
Pina Colada

Jerky in 28 varieties of Organic Beef, Natural Beef, Natural Buffalo and Natural Turkey.

Don't forget your 4-legged friends as we now have All-Natural Turkey Pet Treats!!

We ship orders to any U.S. address (FPO/APO/US Territories)

You can change your choice of snacks as often as you want and you can cancel anytime!


Saturday, March 13, 2010

A Time of Change

During the past few years it has become a time of change. People that have lost jobs in manufacturing industries and in the service sector have found it hard to find replacement jobs. Many people have found themselves looking for business opportunities online and work from home opportunities. It is a time of change indeed and there are many reasons to be positive at this time. Despite the negative talk about scams online, there remains some highly workable and well supported work from home opportunities out there.

Here are my Top 5 Benefits Of Working From Home:

1. More Family Time:

There will be a lot more time to spend with loved ones. Relationships are the most important thing in life and working from home gives people the opportunity to make the most of family relationships. As long as you have some time management and discipline with regards to the work to be done, a great balance can be achieved.

2. Being the Boss:

It is the first thing that comes to mind when thinking of working from home. There will be no body to tell you what to do. Some people choose to really jump into this role whole-heartedly and make the most of their new position of power. It is an opportunity to take control, and plan, and be proactive in order to make working from home a success.

3. Goodbye Rat Race:

You can say goodbye to the rat race and take the reins of your own life. The petty competition in corporate world workplaces will be a thing of the past. People that work from home get to avoid the long daily commute to work, and avoid stresses of the work place.

4. Work Load:

Work load is mentioned as a benefit here because if the work is interesting and enjoyable, then it won't even feel like work. The big advantage of a home based business is the potential to focus on your passions and create a business around that. When people do what they enjoy doing suddenly the work tends to disappear. It gets replaced by passion and interest and good causes.

5. Earning Potential:

This is what is so special about working from home. There really is no limit on earning potential. There are business opportunities all over the place on the internet today. The potential depends on the individual, the ambition and the will to succeed. There are many stories on the web about overnight successes. These stories are mostly hype and false. The fact is that most of these stories are of people who probably worked hard for a year or more laying the groundwork, and then launched their master product, and it became a massive success. No big success comes without putting in some groundwork. Anyhow there is excellent earning potential in
home based businesses.

I've seen a lot of different schemes to make money on the Internet, and I know there are a lot out there that don't work but don't give up!! Do your research about the business!! Get to know your sponsor and find out if they will really be supportive.

Make sure the business is listed with the Better Business Bureau!!! They should be!!

This is what is working for me:

To YOUR success!!!
Beth Binkley

Saturday, March 6, 2010

SIMPLE Home Business

Meet the Founder and President of Jerky Direct.

Learn more about this SIMPLE home business.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Why Choose Network Marketing Over a Traditional J.O.B.?

The work at home industry has seen a phenomenal growth surge in the past few years. For many people it is the answer to prayers brought on by the downsizing of Corporate America, the high prices in the economy forcing two incomes and the need for parents to be at home with the kids. The back to basics force in the USA is doing great things for home businesses.

But some people are fearful of Network Marketing. It has taken on a stigma in some instances with companies going out of business; tales of huge earnings to be made in little or no time; inflated stories of large down lines that will support you in wealth for the rest of your life while working little to no hours. But these stories are getting fewer and farther between as people realize that they don't need to pollute the minds of their potential new business people.

Network Marketing is an industry where you can truly make yourself. Given the right product and good methods of marketing yourself, Network Marketing is an awesome business arena to check out if you are in looking for your next venture.

Why choose Network Marketing? For one, the positives far outweigh the negatives. Here are a few of my reasons to choose Network Marketing over another type of business.

  • Companies policies are already set
  • Some companies handle all shipping and returns
  • Forms, sales tools and recruiting materials are created by the company
  • Free or inexpensive web sites to get you going
  • Some companies handle your sales tax reporting
  • Reputable and established companies that are leaders in the industry
  • Inexpensive supplies
  • Keep the benefits of owning your own business
  • No re-creating the wheel with business tools
  • Ability to grow your team and earn money for your efforts as well as their efforts
  • Huge product range
  • Good pay and good quality products

So how do you find the right company that fits into your life and interest level? Research!! It is the only way. Read and don't be afraid to ask tough questions. Check their policies and procedures and make sure you can live with them. Look for established companies with proven track records. Know your dreams and desires. Look for a company that fits into your lifestyle. If you have a bad back, you probably would not be happy lugging big displays around, but if you love to cook, doing a business that involves food and the kitchen would be a good fit.

Be sure to ask about upline support. Having a team of people helping you succeed is always an added bonus.

Finding the perfect Network Marketing business for you is right around the corner. You will enjoy the flexibility it brings and the fun it involves. Meeting awesome people is also a huge plus.

Do your research and enjoy your new life! You will surprise yourself at how good you can be running your own business and your family will love having you around more as well!