Friday, June 18, 2010

Healthy Snacks on the Go!

Healthy Snacks on the Go!

Our snacks come in re-sealable bags that are very convenient for being on the go.

How many times have you been in your vehicle for work or vacation or just running errands around town and found yourself without time to stop and eat?

Now you can keep
healthy, delicious snacks in your vehicle to have on hand at all times.

Many of our products contain NO preservatives, NO added MSG, NO nitrites, NO Erythorbate, NO artificial ingredients, and are only minimally processed. This unique product is a staple of health conscious customers and those who demand a top quality product at a great price.

FRUIT STIX are a healthy alternative to candy because they taste good and have actual nutritional value! A tasty treat for kids and grown ups alike!

They are available in Apple-Cinnamon, Berry Blend, Pina Colada and Blueberry.

Fruit Stix are ALL natural fruit snacks fortified with Omega 3 Krill Oil.

Jerky is available in Beef, Buffalo and Turkey Jerky in 28 varieties!!

Our Jerky is handmade in our USDA certified smokehouse using superior quality meat. It's seasoned with our secret blend of spices, and slow smoked to perfection with real burning hickory.

Devoted & New Customers alike say it's "by far the best jerky I've ever had, I want more!"

We ship orders to any U.S. address (FPO/APO/US Territories)

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